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NUTRITION PROGRAM - Power up your gut health

A gut imbalance can cause a range of health issues (many you wouldn’t even guess). And it’s increasingly common with our modern lifestyles. With my clients I start with the gut, given the scale of influence it has across bodily functions. 

I’ve designed this 4 week program to elevate your gut health. With a gut balance restored it can provide clarity on what (if any) or your symptoms are.


As an expert on diet and nutrition I can guide you on how to improve your food diet or help you to meet a specific goal or to improve your health more generally. I will translate the latest research around nutrition into easy-to-follow recipes based on your specific needs. This saves you a lot of time in research and gives you the confidence in what you are choosing to eat each day.


With nutritional advice everywhere (and especially on social media), it can sometimes be hard to see through the clutter to know what to believe and what’s best for you. And this is where I can help.

With poor diet being the main contributor to disease these days, my personalised evidence based longer programs can help guide you to reach your goals.