Nurture your gut & elevate your health

The Nutritious Way specialises in nurturing the gut to elevate your health and alleviate various conditions using evidence-based strategies. I work with clients to uncover the root causes and build sustainable long term strategies to elevate their health.

The key ways I support clients is through 1-1 nutrition coaching, a self-paced Power Up Your Gut course and personalised meal plans.

As a gut health nutritionist, examples of some of the things I can support with are:

  • living with celiac disease
  • improving your sports performance
  • relief from IBS symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation)  
  • using gut health to support women’s hormone health 
  • elevating mental health via the gut brain connection
I am a UK Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. 

The clinic is based in Manly, Sydney; but I work with clients throughout Australia and internationally too.

Bespoke Meal Plans - Services

Bespoke Meal Plans

Are you in a food rut or looking for meals for specific dietary requirements? These personalised meal plans can help you.

nutrition program - Services

Power Up Your Gut Health

If you’re suffering from digestive complaints, then it’s time to elevate your gut health through this self paced 4 week gut health program.

One on One Coaching - Services

Consultations / Coaching

Take control of your gut health and transform your overall well-being with personalised 1:1 nutrition consultations or coaching.

Looking for a health transformation but unsure which of my packages is right for you?


Liam Bayford
Liam Bayford
Nuala was so helpful and tailored the meals plans to my needs. As an electrician she made it fit my day to day. My girlfriend friend and I are eating the meals and they taste so good.
Friedrich Oldershausen
Friedrich Oldershausen
Highly recommend! Nuala is great to work with - she helped me create many healthy recipes for my fitness journey!
Emily Dougan
Emily Dougan
Nuala is very knowledgeable about all things gut health, and her PUYG Workshop was so helpful. She made it very easy to understand simple ways to improve your health!
Nesty Kimberly Hingpit
Nesty Kimberly Hingpit
Dane Haylett-Petty
Dane Haylett-Petty
Very Knowledgable and thorough. Pleasure to work with
Hazel Zhao
Hazel Zhao
I got amazing Keto and Paleo recipes, fast delivery, flexible for revision, will definitely come back whenever I need more recipes!
Bill Donaldson
Bill Donaldson
I started working with Nuala to improve my athletic performance ahead of a half marathon. She was excellent at helping me with my gut health and educating me around optimal nutrition to ensure I was fuelling my body well. Would highly recommend!
Tom Mills
Tom Mills
After working with Nuala on nutrition for running I would really recommend!
Sally Mead
Sally Mead
Nuala was fabulous. She really listened and understood me. The meal plan was delicious. I’d highly recommend her.
Really love working with Nuala. Friendly, kind and understanding. Great advice and the bespoke meal plans were really easy to follow and keep up day to day, while getting me out of my boring food habits!
Work with me to elevate your gut health and reach your health goals.

About The Nutritious Way

Nuala, a UK Registered Nutritionist under the Association for Nutrition, is dedicated to improving your health and well-being by elevating your gut health. Established in 2021, TNW is a Sydney-based serving Australia and internationally.

Driven by a personal journey with celiac disease, my focus on gut health underscores the belief that diet is important medicine.

My mission as a gut health nutritionist is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health by addressing a wide range of health issues, including IBS, bloating, acne, women’s health, food intolerances, sports nutrition, weight management, and more.

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Free 3 Day Meal Plan

This is a taste of what purchasing my meal plans can do to your life and gut health. Try it for 3 days & never look back.

My meal plans will …

  • Provide you with inspiration for what to cook
  • Give you healthy delicious meals
  • All nutritionally balanced
  • Support your gut health

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