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Welcome to The Nutritious Way. I’m Nuala - the founder.

The Nutritious Way has come a long way since it started.


Back then I lived in a gorgeous little flat in the centre of Bristol in the UK and was on the career ladder in advertising. In my spare time I loved all things food, nutrition and exercise related. But, pinpointing what to do with these passions was hard … 

It was the COVID years that gave me a lot of time to reflect and make the brave decision to take my life on a different journey. A journey to become a fully qualified Nutritionist and start my own business.

Nuala -Accredited Nutritionsit

Celiac Diagnosis

But really this journey started many years before this. Since I was a teenager, I battled with a lot of tummy and bowel issues and just feeling not right. I’d had many doctor appointments over the years, but no concrete solution that was working. These years threw me into reading and learning all about nutrition to see what I could find. I did finally get a celiac disease diagnosis, which was life changing and further cemented my passion for a career in Nutrition.



Nuala - nutritionist

Today my purpose is simple – helping people to experience life when they’re not restricted by their bowel habits or nutritional deficiencies from poor gut health.  

Association for Nutrition (AfN)

After many hours of studying and shadowing I am a fully accredited Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition.  

I want to thank you for stopping by our website and being part of this amazing journey as TNW continues to grow. 


– Nutritional Therapist Diploma (including practical week)

– MSc Clinical Nutrition, University of Aberdeen

– Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition

– First Aid Qualified

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