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Nutrition In Corporate Wellness

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Nutrition In Corporate Wellness

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In my years as a nutritionist and from when I worked in the corporate world, I have sadly seen so many individuals affected by poor nutrition in the workplace. Some examples are skipping meals due to meetings or too much work or leaning into coffee and sugar to get through the day. 

It’s also important to consider the impact of stress on gut health too. The exact impact of this stress on the gut varies between individuals; but can increase gut barrier permeability and increase inflammation in the gut. Together this can lead to poor overall health with the impacts causing health havoc for years to come.

Businesses should establish corporate wellness strategies and initiatives to bolster their employees’ nutritional well-being alongside other facets of their health, including physical wellness. Corporate nutrition continually emerges as a pivotal component of workplace employee care. An effective approach to implementing a corporate nutrition strategy involves collaborating with a Nutritionist to administer workshops, one-on-one sessions, or a structured nutrition program.

Some examples projects that I’ve worked with companies on are:

  • Power Up Your Gut: My signature 4 week programme empowers employees to elevate their gut health. It delves into gut health, the impact of the mind on the gut and practical strategies to nourish the gut. There’s also handouts and reflective exercises to undertake each week. 
  • Meal Planning Workshop: I believe that meal planning is fundamental to good health, so this session talks through the principles of macros, micro nutrients and interactive meal planning sessions. It also includes recipes and meal plans handouts at the end.
  • Workplace Challenges: I liken this to the Great British Bake Off of the nutrition world in the office. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and working towards a common goal. 
  • Nutritional Education Seminars: Whether you want to dive into the digestive system or how exercise impacts gut health, I can work with your team to tailor a workshop or program to what your employees need. 
  • Employee 1:1 Sessions: A 30 minute private session for employees to run through their nutritional questions and provide personalised advice on how to improve their nutritional health. 

I started my working life in London at an advertising agency. I’ve since moved to Sydney, but this has given me first hand experience of working in different corporate companies.  This coupled with being a registered nutritionist, equips me with the expertise necessary to effectively deliver workshops that can positively impact your employees.

For companies there can often be barriers to launching workplace nutrition programmes, such as budget constraints. However, we have to remember that health is the most valuable thing that someone can possess and it should be cherished, nourished and supported. Employees in poor health will typically have more sick days, lower concentration and morale, leading to poorer quality of work. This can cause strains on other areas of the business. 


Reach out today to schedule a free discovery call to find out how I can support your corporate wellness offerings with a bespoke offering. 

Email: info@thenutritiousway.net

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