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Resetting Your Gut Health

Nuala Mcbride


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Resetting Your Gut Health

Power up your gut - Gut reset meal plan

Gut health is often underrated, but it’s extremely important. An unhealthy gut can compromise so many other areas of our life, from our skin, to bowel habits to our moods. These are just some of the reasons that my focus is on gut health. 

Throughout my practise I take a holistic approach. This allows us to work together to build the core pillars of health, clean out the weeds and get your health functioning well. My approach always starts with rooting into your gut health.

Your gut health is like the layers to an onion. It takes work and time to peel back all the layers to find the harmony underneath.


If you’re on the journey to elevating your gut health there are two places that you can start with me:

  • Nutrition Program: Elevate Your Gut Health – Purchase here.
    • A 4-week program offering insights into gut health, helping you understand imbalances and take control of gut health at your own pace and an affordable rate.
  • Gut Reset Meal Plan – Purchase here. 
    • A 6-day meal plan designed to increase diversity in your gut microbiome by incorporating gut-loving nutrients like collagen and fermented foods. The plan excludes common irritants like grains and legumes and comes with an introduction, meal plan, grocery list, and unique recipes.


Below is an overview of what I can offer. If you don’t see what you need or are unsure feel free to drop me a message.

Nutrition Program: Power Up Your Gut – Click to purchase

  • What if you could undergo a 4-week programme to delve into your gut health?  And you can work through at your own pace and an affordable rate? That’s the basis of the Power Up Your Gut programme, which you can join whenever you’re ready to transform your gut health.
  • Knowing exactly what causes imbalances and how you can avoid them will help you take control of what’s going on in your gut. A happy gut leads to a happy mind, happy digestive system and normal bowel habits.
  • This program will …
    • Allow you to gain a personalised knowledge about your relationship with your gut
    • Help you to build clarity & eliminate the guesswork around how to look after your gut
    • Start your journey to elevate your gut microbiome leading you to a better functioning digestive system.
  • What are you waiting for? Start your journey now!

Gut Reset Meal Plan – Click to purchase 

gut reset meal plan

  • This 6 day gut health reset meal plan is designed to elevate your gut health and by this I mean increase the diversity in your gut microbiome of what we term ‘good’ bacteria.
  • The gut reset diet plan incorporates gut-loving nutrients like collagen and glutamine. For example, the bone broth includes natural collagen; which helps aid digestion and repairs the gut lining. I’ve also added fermented foods, such as kefir and sauerkraut, to help replenish the gut with good bacteria.  And finally it gives the gut a break from common irritants like grains and legumes.
  • The pack includes:
    • Introduction & How To
    • Meal Plan (including macros)
    • Grocery List 
    • 13 Unique Recipes
  • And the best news, the shopping list won’t break the bank. It’s around A$100 for 6 days of food for 2 people (assuming you have basic spices and oil in your cupboard).
  • The meal plan is naturally gluten free (glutenous pasta can be used instead) and with a few swaps can be made dairy free.


Here’s to your future gut health from Sydney!




1. What is a gut reset, and how can it benefit me?
A gut reset refers to a targeted approach aimed at restoring balance and promoting optimal function within the digestive system. By eliminating potential irritants and incorporating gut-friendly nutrients, such as probiotics and prebiotics, a gut reset can help improve gut health, increase diversity in the gut microbiome, and alleviate digestive discomfort.

2. Why is gut health so important?
Gut health impacts various aspects of our well-being, from our skin to our moods. An unhealthy gut can disrupt bowel habits and overall health. Prioritizing gut health can lead to improved digestion, mood stability, and overall wellness.

3. What approach do you take to address gut health?
As a Registered Nutritionist, I adopt a holistic approach to address gut health, focusing on building core pillars of health and eliminating factors that may compromise gut function.







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